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Welcome to The Potter's Heart 

Once a full-time potter in California, Grace Johnson now lives outside of Willmar, MN, with her dear husband, Bert, a retired turkey farmer. After years of religious striving in a dying marriage, battling self-hate, rejection, eating disorder, and chronic health problems, Grace has encountered the Master Potter, Himself, never to be the same again. Her potter's wheel has become a means to share God's own work in her life and she will take you on a journey to the heart of God. Seated at her potter's wheel, Grace presents God as the Potter, Whose passion and power transform wounded, broken vessels into vessels of honor. Her message comes from the

Potter's heart.

About Grace

I'm Grace - I'm God's grace, that's who I am. My passion? My passion is for Jesus, because His passion is for me.  He has lifted me up out of the miry pit of self & He has set my feet upon the Rock. My Rock is Jesus Christ, who loved me and gave His life for me. I don't call to mind the former things any more. I'm a new creation in Christ - in no way whatsover connected with the old. Jesus Christ is my Lord & my God. He is my Savior, Redeemer, the Lover of my soul! 

He is my Potter & He is my Freind! 

My Work

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The Process



Dave Gravgaard, Willmar, Ca.

"I got choked up. I found myself reflecting and I laughed a lot. It was amazing.”

Mary Jo Higgins, Oakdale, Mn.

"It was like Jesus coming straight to me, me-the average one! He spoke straight into my heart and soul. The God of the universe has a place in His heart that only I can fill! His love and acceptance and adoration of me poured into my soul. It was life-changing. Words cannot describe it.”

Jean Harris, Rochester, Mn.

"Every time I remember you standing on stage with outstretched hands, I see the face of Jesus.”

Accepted Payment Methods

Square and Checks.

* Checks can be made out to Grace Johnson & mailed to:

4550 120th Ave SW, Willmar, MN. 56201

Contact Me


 Grace: (320) 905-6221  Bert: (320) 905-1408

Address: 4550 120th Ave SW, Willmar, MN. 56201

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